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The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is an integral part of the University of Cambridge dedicated to providing and promoting continuing education.

It is primarily based at Madingley Hall, near Cambridge, England. For centuries, the university has helped shape and change the world. ICE programs offer a blend of tradition and inspiration, as participants from around the world soak up the atmosphere of this wonderful place, learning from some of its finest academics - and from each other.

ICE programs offer benefits that will broaden your experience and improve your resume, whether you are starting your career or taking a degree course, or have free time.

For over 95 years, these programs have welcomed participants from all over the world. Students include alumni, undergraduates, and adults between the ages of 18 and 80 from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Unless otherwise stated in separate descriptions, programs and courses do not require prior knowledge. However, you should prepare yourself for an intensive and academically rigorous study by reading the recommended reading first. This will increase your critical thinking ability.

Courses, seminars and lectures are taught by top Cambridge scholars and visiting experts, all dedicated to making their pursuits academically rigorous and immensely enjoyable.


  • Interdisciplinary Summer Program (Term I: July 5-18; Term II: July 19 - August 1; Term III: August 2-15)

Tuition Fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks


  • Summer program "Ancient and Classical World" (July 5-18, 2020)

Tuition Fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks, £ 840 - 1 week


  • Summer program "Art and Visual Culture" (July 19 - August 1)

Tuition Fees: £ 1,460 - 2 weeks, £ 875 - 1 week


  • Summer Creative Writing Program (August 2-15)

Tuition Fees: £ 1,875 - 2 weeks, £ 1,125 - 1 week


  • Summer English Law and Legal Methods Program (July 5-25)

Tuition Fees: £ 2,510 - 2 weeks.


  • Summer Global Challenges Program (July 5-18) NEW

Tuition Fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks


  • Summer program "History" (July 19 - August 1)

Tuition fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks, £ 840 - 1 week.


  • Summer program "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (July 19 - August 1)

Tuition fee: £ 2,200 - 2 weeks


  • Summer Literary Program (Semester I: July 5-18; Semester II: July 19-August 1)

Tuition fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks, £ 840 - 1 week.


  • Middle Ages Summer Program (August 2-15)

Tuition fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks, £ 840 - 1 week.


  • Summer Science Program (Semester I: July 5-18; Semester II: July 19-August 1)

Tuition fees: £ 1,460 - 2 weeks, £ 875 - 1 week


  • Shakespeare and the Renaissance Summer Program (2-15 August)

Tuition fees: £ 1,400 - 2 weeks, £ 840 - 1 week.


  • Visions of the future summer program (July 5 - August 1) New

Tuition Fees: £ 2,595 - 2 weeks


English language requirements

To ensure that all participants in our summer programs can enjoy learning with us, you need to be confident in understanding and adhering to the arguments presented in written and spoken English at university level, and to demonstrate an appropriate level of English proficiency.

If English is not your first (i.e. your first) language, you will need to meet our English language requirements by providing proof of one of the following tests. These results were to be achieved at the same meeting and no later than 2 years before the date of application.

Please note that if you have previously attended our Cambridge University International Summer Programs, you will be deemed to have already met this requirement and therefore are not required to provide additional proof of proficiency in English.


All programs (except Creative Writing)

Required score

IELTS Academic or

IELTS Academic for UKVI

Minimum overall group score of 6.5 or higher

(with at least 6.5 in each of the four components)

TOEFL internet-based (iBT)

Total score of 92 (no individual element below 22).


Creative writing program

Required score

IELTS Academic or

IELTS Academic for UKVI

Minimum overall score of 7.0 or higher

(at least 7.0 in each of the four components)

TOEFL internet-based (iBT)

Total score 100 (no individual element below 24)


Accommodation for summer programs

You will have a unique opportunity to live at a Cambridge College steeped in history. Each college is different in character, but all offer a warm welcome and the opportunity to meet fellow members of different backgrounds and ages as you dine together and share a wealth of experiences and experiences.

You can choose a simple room with a bed and a sink; or one with bath / shower. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price. Double rooms available.



Gonville & Caius College

Dating back to the Middle Ages, this beautiful college is distinguished by the fact that it has created fourteen Nobel laureates, in the heart of the city, next to a bustling market, restaurants and cafes.

The college offers standard rooms with shared bathroom facilities. A pleasant 10-minute walk across the river and along the Spine will take you to the main training location.

Queens' college

Overlooking the River Cam, the Queens' Hotel boasts the famous Mathematical Bridge and some of the most iconic views in Cambridge. The college offers a magnificent dining room, historic courtyards, tranquil gardens and modern rooms: the best of both worlds.

Selwyn College

With its vast and tranquil gardens on campus, Selwyn is a lecture-friendly venue with a choice of traditional and contemporary rooms. The city center is easily accessible by walking past famous Cambridge attractions.

St Catharine's College

St. Catherine's College is located in the heart of the city on one of the original medieval routes, close to King's College and King's College, but within walking distance of the main educational institutions. The Church of St. Catharine offers graceful architecture and delightful courtyard gardens.

There is a £ 250 registration fee for programs / conditions less than four weeks and £ 400 for four week programs. This registration fee is part of the total program fee.

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